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The 5 Principles of Good Coffee

In mid 2021, Souna was becoming increasingly interested in the world of coffee that surrounded him - “an impenetrable confusion of aroma, taste and origins.” As a coffee lover, Souna was aware that he played an important role in the world he was helping create. He asked himself an important question: Is my coffee good coffee? Good coffee is sometimes considered subjective and can’t necessarily be measured. However, Souna attempted to express what he believed to be the most important principles for coffee.

Here they are:

  1. Good coffee is an experience.
  2. Good coffee is effective.
  3. Good coffee tells a story.
  4. Good coffee is environmentally-friendly.
  5. Good coffee is democratized.

These principles have become iconic and have inspired coffee lovers across the world.


Good coffee is an experience:

There’s a short, very brief, moment in life when the whole world goes silent, and we just exist in that one moment. All the worries from within and the noise from the world outside simply vanish, and we are just there; connected. A moment of real Zen is what we experience when we take “that first sip of heavenly coffee”. A glorious moment of sensational aromas and abundant flavors, sending us to a state of mind where the world can burn behind us and we would still be better than OK.


Good coffee is effective:

“But first, coffee” is one of the most universal phrases in any language. Coffee is what we reach for when we want to harvest some energy to get us through the day. It’s the fuel that keeps our minds attentive and our bodies or systems running. A perfect cup of coffee does not undercharge or overcharge us, it does not leave us low on energy or over-hyped. The perfect cup hits just the right spots that fills our souls with motivation to get up and face the day head on!


Good coffee tells a story:

There’s so much beauty around a fruit that is grown with authenticity and integrity. A coffee bean is a fruit that grows within a very complex ecosystem working in harmony before reaching our cup. An authentic cup of coffee narrates its journey and tells the story behind it; the culture that inspired it, the community that protects it, the landowners that invest in it, the growers that nurture it, and, best of all, the landscape that gave it life! An authentic cup of coffee has an inspiring story we can trace back to its single origin.


Good coffee is eco-friendly:

We live in a world where we don’t have to consume at the expense of our planet as we did before. Today, we thankfully live in a world where we do have a choice. There are plenty of alternatives to mass production and many habits that we can change in our lives in favor of the environment. Choosing eco-friendly coffee means consuming what is sourced from farms that care for their crops naturally, organically, and sustainably and is packaged into fully compostable material. This choice exists, and we can commit to it today!


Good coffee is democratized:

Good coffee is not a status, it’s not a private club, and no one owns all of it. There is no one community that understands or appreciates it more than everyone else. Coffee is universal, it’s naturally abundant and widely available. It comes in different notes, intensities, and flavors; making it inclusive enough to fit everyone’s individual taste. Democratized coffee comes from decentralized sources and it’s there to spread that unique sensation of joy to whoever seeks to find it!

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